Terms and Conditions

Pick-up times, dates, and locations

Kīpu‘upu‘u Farms Microgreens Club is a monthly membership with weekly pick-up by members.

Members associated with the subscription are solely responsible for picking up their subscription packs at the pick-up location associated with their initial subscription at the times designated. This includes the purchaser of the subscription and/or the recipient of the subscription in the case of gifted subscriptions. Any products not picked up during designated times at designated locations will be forfeited with no possibility of a refund.

Also, members shall note that during some months, five packs will be distributed to members, and during other months, four packs will be distributed. This will depend upon the month in question.

For example:

The month of November 2018 contained five Fridays. Since the Waimea location pick-up schedule is every Friday from noon to 6pm, five boxes of microgreens were distributed to each Waimea member during that month. The following month, December 2018, contained only four Fridays. Four boxes were distributed to the Waimea pick-up location for Waimea members during that month.

Member acknowledges that such variation will not alter the price of membership. Membership prices do not vary from month-to-month.

Refunds and Cancellations

Membership subscriptions made online with auto-renew may be cancelled at any time and subscriptions may be altered at any time. Alterations or cancellations will take effect at the end of the month in which such actions were taken. All processed payments are non-refundable.